Featuring a variety of solutions to help you get your closet organized, we provide a wide variety of ways to maximize your closet space. Some of the closet hardware includes shelf brackets, end caps, and pole splicers. With our selection of accessories you can save space and end those confrontations over precious closet space!

Pole Splicer

To make longer poles for special places use our Pole Splicers. This is used when closet length exceeds 8ft and 2 closet robs can be joined.

Price: $2.90 each

End Cap

Perfect for concealing an exposed rod end and giving your closet a clean appearance. Use our End Caps to finish off a closet installation where one or both rod ends don't end at a wall and prevent your hangers from slipping off. Available in 2 premium finishes, brushed nickel and chrome.

Price: $4.90 for a set of two


#10 x 2.5 washer head screw. Recommended screws for attaching a bracket to a structural wood member.

Price: 24¢ each

Extended Bracket

Use our Extended Bracket if your roof exceeds a 45° angle (12/12 roof pitch) so your hangers clear the ceiling. Available in chrome only.

Part #CREB007 Price: $39.00 each

Rechargeable LED Light

Rectangular, USB rechargeable light with motion detector– Distance 2 m (78 3/4”) / 120°. Easily removable with clip provided or can be fastened with Velcro. Great for use inside cabinets or closets. No power cord allows for ease in positioning. Integrated motion detector recognizes motion in a 120° area up to 2 meters away. Energy saver cuts off light after 30 seconds of no motion. Lithium battery for long charge life.

Price: $39.00 each