Introducing the Sloped Ceiling Storage Bracket

The Sloped Ceiling Storage Bracket presents a sturdy (300lb load rating) and very functional way to make the most challenging areas into useable storage space!

Designed using a back vertical support, allows for a clear, obstruction-free front access as well as having the advantage of a vertical adjustment from 16" to 24" for maximum storage - making angled ceilings in attics and garages into useable space.

The Sloped ceiling Storage Bracket is attached to framing members within the ceiling using the multiple (12) adjustments for roof pitches 1-on-12 thru 12-on-12 will allow the bracket's vertical members to hang plumb and the brackets arms level - now ready to receive a shelf from one bracket to another! Affordably, the bracket is designed with a 3" degree back pitch on all support arms to compensate for 1/2 roof pitches, and the safety of stored items from slipping forward.

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Zinc Metal Finish Only - $219.00 each
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Minimum Order 6 Pieces
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Part Number: SCSB008

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