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The Original Sloped Ceiling Clothes Rod Bracket Now Shelf Ready

Make unused sloped ceiling space functional!
Providing 11 adjustment positions and holds shelves up to 14 inches deep!

This useful bracket allows the opportunity to make otherwise unusable sloped ceiling space, into an area for hanging clothes! With its multiple adjustments, the Sloped Ceiling Clothes Rod Bracket allows either contractor or consumer a simple way to make unused space functional.

Still as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Attach the bracket to framing member
  2. Determine proper angle and simply install and tighten both bolts ~ 11 adjustment positions!
  3. Install clothes rod and fasten shelf within the Sloped Ceiling Clothes Rod & Shelf Bracket

Product Specifications

Brackets are:

More Options

Chrome Finish Part #CRBS003 - $39.95
Brushed Nickel Finish with Clear Coat
Part #CRBS004 - $42.95
+ UPS Shipping

Wholesale Pricing Available.
Please call 732-292-9144.

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